Brick Bin Trip Recap PLUS City Update

Hey everybody!

Been a great couple weeks on the channel. So far our May charity drive has raised over $7200 for Kids With Cancer! Huge thanks to all new subscribers and everyone helping to get the word out. There’s a little over a week left, so let’s see what we can do in the home stretch!

Yesterday I took another road trip down to the Brick Bin for the first real in-person fan meet and greet. They’ve been in the works for some time and it’s been tricky to work out the details with COVID, but I’m glad it came together. We did a raffle and live streamed building the Boeing 787 Dreamliner set (a fantastic fan gift). Can’t wait to make it down there again! In the meantime, look forward to checking out the Cloud City Duel set I snagged there.

One more major development to note: the LEGO City has skyscrapers again! They had been removed to give the modular buildings more room to breathe, but with the Daily Bugle set on the way, they’ve been reintegrated. Now we’re just waiting for the Bugle to arrive!

So much on the go this month, including new Technic set reviews, Josee MOCs in progress, fan mail unboxings, shopping hauls and more!

PLUS – SMG is back with more on Beyond Bricksie – make sure you’re subbed to the second channel and never miss a minute!

Bye for now!

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