Greetings fellow LEGO enthusiasts! Welcome to my website! My name is Jordan, AKA “Bricksie”, and I am an AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO). I build LEGO on a daily basis and share everything on Instagram and YouTube! Make sure you check out the links along the top and on the side of this website to see all of the great LEGO content!

My Doje has become Grande… actually more like Venti (if you get my Starbucks drift). It hosts a LEGO City that is approximately 200 square feet, three IKEA showcases, over 40 feet of shelves, a build table, and a large cabinet to store all of my LEGO pieces.

My main passion is for my LEGO City  I get endless amounts of enjoyment and value out of the LEGO city because it is constantly changing and evolving. One can never truly be finished building their LEGO city! The LEGO city currently consists of all the LEGO modular buildings, a couple trains lines, a train yard, trains stations, an airport, amusement park, ocean, residential, Ninjago district and much more.

I also love to build and review all LEGO sets. I upload speed build and review videos on my YouTube channel.

My reintroduction into LEGO started quite randomly. The GF and I were hanging out and a thought randomly popped into my head…. “Hey”…I said…”What if we went and got a LEGO set to build? hahaha”. Followed by Long Silent Silences (Deadpool Baby) we hopped in the car and went for a rip to the nearest ToysRus. That’s where the fun began…OH YEAH.

It took a while choosing our first set. I was stuck. Do we go with something small or big? Mega Blocks or LEGO? Then I spotted the clear first-setanswer: the LEGO Star Wars AT-AT™  Set #75054. A damn good choice if I say so myself. What an epic build to start my journey back into LEGO! The set contained a nice mix of different building styles with the Technic body and the plate shell. Not only that but it came with some awesome Mini Figs as well.  The picture to the right shows the beautie of a LEGO set chillin in one of my showcases.