Bricksie’s June Recap!

Hey everybody!

Can you believe how quick the last month flew by? So much to recap before we head into July. Let’s get started!

Kids With Cancer Fundraiser News

For starters, we raised over $8000 in our May Charity Drive benefitting the Kids With Cancer Society! This is incredible and I cannot thank you all enough! Whether you newly subscribed, donated yourself or simply helped get the word out, you all helped make this a huge success!

First Looks with Bricksie

We’ve also taken a peek at some newly announced and upcoming LEGO sets from Star Wars, Adidas, Jurassic World, and more – make sure you have your notifications turned on and never miss a first look!

Bricksie in the Field

Mr. and Mrs. Bricksie gotta get out of the LEGO room every once in a while!

Some awesome LEGO shopping vlogs this month, from hitting up the LEGO Store and local shops, to another epic Brick Bin outing!

Still, that’s small potatoes compared to our LEGO road trip to Calgary and Banff! We hit up all the tourist faves, got some major inspiration for the city at the Calgary Zoo, saw some epic MOCs, visited an all-year Christmas store and more. Can’t wait for the next big outing!

We also got a tour of the INCREDIBLE Jurassic World LEGO display by Brickman all the way down in Australia! We can’t thank them enough for the Zoom tour, check out their website for more amazing creations!

Set Reviews & City News

So many new sets, collection revamps and more on the go in the LEGO room too!

We built and placed some amazing new 2021 sets, like the Daily Bugle, Harry Potter & Hermione Buildable Figures, the latest and greatest in the Brickheadz series, Fawkes the phoenix, the Boeing Dreamliner, and the classic ’66 Batcave! The new June 2021 Speed Champions are no slouches themselves.

We also built and reviewed the all-new LEGO Typewriter, an incredible LEGO Ideas release with some voiceover from the creator of the set himself!

In other LEGO room news, the minifigs have made their way back to the streets of Brickmonton after our big revamp! We’ve also totally reorganized the shelving, hung some new art pieces, upgraded the Brickheadz to a brick-built display solution, and made some big upgrades to the LEGO underworld, with more than a few mishaps along the way.

Last Random Bitz

Such a huge month! We also filmed a few new hacks and how-tos, reported on some sustainability and Ninjago news from the Lego Group, and worked on the railroad all the live-long day.

Don’t forget to check out the all-new Bricksie easter egg series – LEGO Hippo Spotting!

Bye for now!

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