Catching up with Bricksie!

Hey everybody!

Been a bit since we had a new blog update! Lots has been going on, and lots of exciting news to come!

For starters, thank you to all of my new subscribers who just joined the channel during our MAY THE SUBS BE WITH YOU fundraiser! If you haven’t heard, for every subscriber the channel gains during the month of May we’re donating $0.15 PLUS one of our members is matching it, making it a total of $0.30 per subscriber! All the proceeds are going to the Kids With Cancer Society, a great cause that we’re proud to support!

Keep your eye on our daily fundraising totals in the channel header!

Plenty of updates to share since the last post went up, both personal and for the channel itself. Back in April I got a LEGO Darth Vader tattoo! It’s healed up nice and looks kickass! Check out Tony Skleptic on IG for more of his work.

I don’t see the resemblance…

In case you missed it, we broke 100,000 SUBSCRIBERS! Such an incredible milestone, and I am grateful to everyone who continues to watch the videos and contribute to this amazing community. Since then, YouTube has verified the channel metrics and sent out a Silver Play Button to recognize the occasion. The plaque looks great in the LEGO room, and I can’t wait to scooch it over for a Gold Button!

In continued 100k coverage, we made the news again! Tim the Social Media Guy (SMG for short) got the word out again and we were featured on Global and CBC! With CTV already in the bag, one of my subscribers called it a “Canadian News Hat Trick”…well said! I was especially fond of the Global coverage, the producers seemed especially interested in the work we were doing and it definitely shows in the coverage and production effects.

On a related note, Beyond Bricksie has expanded! We hadn’t done an upload in some time – simply too much to manage on the main channel. But SMG to the rescue! We’re planning on enlarging the scope of Beyond Bricksie content to include the full interests of Team Bricksie – including some more Josee recipes, Jordan blogs, and toy reviews and comedy skits from Tim the SMG and his friend, Harley of B93’s Harley in the Morning radio show! Exciting developments all the time.

Last week was also May the Fourth, which was a BLAST – thanks to some incredible vintage sets from fans we got to cover several new sets throughout the week as well as some retro pieces in a May the 4th vlog.

That’s just a taste of what has been on the go recently! So many new sets to look at and build, LEGO City updates on the go, massive shopping trips and more – don’t miss a thing on our main channel!

Bye for now!

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