March Recap!

Hey everybody!

March 2021 is in the books and it couldn’t have been busier. The channel hit a MAJOR milestone and we sure did some celebrating during the 100k livestream. The Bricksie community sent me some incredible gifts to unbox and there’s still more to come as we get everything placed around the city.

Who’d have imagined this way back in 2015?

As we approached 100k, we reached out to the local media to spread the word (more on that in the last blog). Having a camera crew in the LEGO room meant really working overtime to finish up some details for the city, and now that the minifigs are all placed, its looking really polished and full of life!

New Sets for March

New sets? Oh, we’ve got new sets for sure.

After running down the new sets at the LEGO Store on March 1, a lot of the month was consumed by 100k prep, detail work on the city, and some alt builds. Still, I was pumped to get the LEGO Ideas Winnie the Pooh set and, while not new in the strictest sense, the Super Star Destroyer fan gift has been blowing my mind! Keep an eye on the channel to see that sucker get completed!


Other junk

Lots of other projects on the docket! We did rebuilds of the Disney Castle and the 123 Sesame Street set, making some new modulars that look great in the city.

We also did a lot of MOCs to really flesh out the city details! Check out the new traffic lights, waterfall, go-kart track and more.

I also did another episode of Ask Bricksie! I answered a few more of my most common asks, including giving some advice to those who want to start up their very own LEGO city.

Just a brief look back on some of the amazing things that came together this month. Can’t wait to see what April brings!

Bye for now!

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