Making Headlines! The Road to 100k!

Hey everybody!

WHAT A WEEK! The main channel is about to hit the 100,000 subscriber milestone (1200 to go as of writing this!) and with that in mind, my team reached out to the local media to share the news and thank the community for the support.

…little did I know.

Heh. Brick by LEGO brick. I dig it.

After booking an segment with CTV News, the attention snowballed and by the end of the week, I was hearing from the CBC, doing phone interviews with all the local radio stations and getting up bright and early for a live morning show broadcast! Huge thanks to everyone that shared news stories, messaged me congratulations, or started tuning into the channel for the first time.

Having a news crew in the basement really kicked things into third gear, resulting in a hugely productive week for the city! So much growth and improvements made, including getting the minifigures placed, having a friend swing by and start building a fence around the railroad tracks, and much more. Amazing what you can accomplish when you’re about to be broadcast to the world.

Lookin’ a lot more crowded than before!

With all the media buzz, I’m amazed anything else got done! We also built the Comic Con exclusive LEGO Star Wars Nebulon B Frigate & the Amelia Earhart Tribute set, placed Tannjam’s custom streetlights (tutorial here), rebuilt the 123 Sesame Street set for placement in the city, made a shopping trip or two and chilled on the second channel. Not a bad week!

Keep an eye on the channel this week as we do some more work on the city, make some custom additions to the Ninjago section, and get ready to celebrate ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND SUBSCRIBERS!

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