February Roundup

Hey everybody!

The shortest month of the year has come and gone, and boy was it packed with LEGO projects. Let’s recap!

New Sets

We built some pretty amazing new sets in live streams all throughout the month, many of which I still wouldn’t have in hand if I wasn’t a LEGO VIP member. I highly recommend signing up if you are on the fence.

On my channel, we film buying the latest LEGO release, live stream the build with my members, and then review the set, comparing it to other related releases or placing in the city as applicable. So whether you’re a gearhead or more of a LEGO Ideas fan, there’s always some content on the channel for you to check out.

This month, the hottest finds at the LEGO store were the Medieval Blacksmith set and the new Creator Porsche! Both amazing builds.

LEGO Room Updates

Huge progress was made on the LEGO room this month! In addition to completely revamping the LEGO shelves surrounding the city, Brickmonton’s rough final layout was finalized, allowing me to move on to street details, working on the theme park, and more. Feels good!

The LEGO Wall…Complete!

It’s been a long time coming, but the day finally came. At approximately 15,000 bricks, holding up 570 unique minifigures and occupying 35 square feet, the Bricksie wall is complete! So proud to wrap up this project and be able to place sigfigs from the community in their permanent home. If you want your own minifigure on display at Bricksie HQ, check out the Fan Mail tab on the site!

In other news…

Beyond Bricksie is still going strong, with February content featuring a LEGO road trip, upgrading the ol’ desktop to a new rig, and more.

We also rebuilt the Colosseum into the Boone Builds Castello Fortificato, wrapped the 100k subscriber bet with Brettski, took an updated look at my complete Star Wars UCS collection, and took an in-depth reflection on life as a full-time LEGO YouTuber since August of 2020.

A busy 28 days, that’s for sure. Can’t wait to see what March holds!

Bye for now!

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