BRICKSIE’s Top 5 Star Wars Sets!

Hey everybody!

I was just thinking, you know what’s awesome? Star Wars. You know what else is awesome! LEGO, obviously. So naturally, the pairing of the two has produced some of my favourite LEGO sets of all time. I would say easily about a third of the LEGO room is full of Star Wars stuff, and when you consider how much room the city occupies, that’s no small feat.

But what are my favourites? That’s a toughie. Most of these sets are among the top rated or most expensive in my collection, and for good reason! I’ve done my best to narrow it down to an all-time top 5. Let’s see if there are any surprises on here!

UCS Imperial Shuttle (10212)

This one is a no-brainer. As I mentioned in my FAQ blog post back in January, this set was one I was after for a long time and was given to me as a surprise gift from some of my members for hitting 50,000 subscribers. It means a lot to me, and it’s one hell of a nice display piece. If you find one at a good price, I absolutely recommend snagging it.

UCS Millennium Falcon (75192)

This sucker belongs on any half-decent LEGO Star Wars top 5 list. It made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs, for crying out loud!

What can be said about the Falcon that hasn’t been said already? It’s a beast of a build, with over 7,500 pieces. The detailing, the sheer size, the swappable radar dishes, the minifigure lineup…oh man. There’s a reason I have videos of buying it, unboxing it, building it, reviewing it, displaying it, and comparing it to other sets. If you can afford it (both in terms of money and shelf space), the Falcon is a must-have. Punch it, Chewie!

UCS Death Star II (10143)

Up and coming collector’s may have a hard time tracking this set down, as it came out way back in 2005 and is long retired! It took me a few years of searching, but I found someone willing to part with it and I’m glad I did. My buddy Kevin gave me a great deal, but it was basically the Dust Star at that point.

After cleaning it up and rebuilding the old girl, I can happily report that it doesn’t disappoint. The Death Star playset is fun for sure, but I prefer the display piece.

Word on the street is that we’re getting another Death Star for 2021!

2014 AT-AT (75054)

Another set that’s close to my heart as the first bit of LEGO merch I ever went out and bought. None of this would be here today if I hadn’t snagged this walker, so it makes the top five, edging out some very impressive UCS sets and other builds.

It holds up very well too, and I should know. I have NINE walkers now, but the ol’ girl beats out the competition every time.

More of an AT-ST fan? I got you covered:

Slave I (75060)

Last, but definitely not least. Boba Fett’s ride. It’s amazing. Loads of detail for both display and play features. The minifigs are stellar, and the ship itself is so beloved by the fandom for its cool factor and ominous profile.

Since Fett’s triumphant return in the Mandalorian and the announcement of his own show, I imagine this set will only get harder to find as time goes on. Yeah, there’s been new ones since, but its just not the same, is it?

Did I leave anything out? What would you have on your list? Let me know! I should make a new LEGO Star Wars video soon, but in the meantime, here was my whole collection as of April last year!

Till next time!

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