February Week 1 Recap!

Hey everybody!

It’s the shortest month of the year and the past week has been absolutely jam-packed! Here’s a quick recap of everything you might’ve missed this week, on both channels!

After taking a look through my backlog of sets to build, wouldn’t you know it, I went out and bought more!

This week, the LEGO Blacksmith set hit stores and I absolutely love it! Definitely pick it up if you can, it would make a great addition to any collection. Check out my full review here:

In other LEGO news, the final chapter of the epic showdown between me and Brettski concluded this week!

For those who don’t remember, 4 months ago Brettski made an epic bet: If I hits 100,000 subscribers by January 15th, I was to ship Brettski the Ewok Village. I’m just over 90k now…meaning Brettski had to part with the Ultimate Iron Man Art! I received it in the mail this week and got it put together and hung up in the LEGO room. Thanks for the memories Brettski!

Speaking of the LEGO room, there’s been a ton of huge changes to the city, with the Blacksmith set finding a home in the campground area, an all-new spooky graveyard MOC hitting the baseplates, and a total revamp of the city layout. Even more changes coming!

Over on Beyond Bricksie, we took a quick look at my Brickheadz and modular buildings, made a lot of progress on the new BooneBuilds castle MOC, and discussed tips to avoid burnout!

Stay tuned for next week, I have some big surprises in the pipeline!

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One thought on “February Week 1 Recap!

  1. Brick sir,
    I just love watching your videos and I can’t imagine going a day without them. You have inspired me to get back into Lego’s and I have spent a lot of money on them recently. You should build a moc of your new house for the city. I had an idea for some videos that you could do, show the fans some different building techniques. Wish your wife a happy birthday 🎉

    Thanks again for all you do

    Liked by 1 person

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