Looking ahead to February!

Hey everyone!

January was absolutely wild for the channel, with lots to recap!

The month started off with the build and review of the latest modular building, the LEGO Police Station (10278). Loved this set and it makes a fantastic addition to the city.

Speaking of the city, it was completely overhauled with a new layout that really lets each neighborhood shine and leaves us with plenty of room to grow!

The rest of the LEGO room is really coming together as well, with the LEGO art finally getting hung and the BRICKSIE wall making major headway!

My second channel, Beyond Bricksie, got a big rebrand and is going strong too!

What’s coming up on the channel?

In a word, lots. In another word, oodles.

Tomorrow I’ll be heading down to the LEGO Store to pick up the new Medieval Blacksmith set (21325). Keep an eye on the channel for the shopping video as well as the building livestream and eventual review!

Same goes for the Creator Expert Porsche 911 (10295), which will be available to VIP customers on February 16. Psyched!

I’m also getting ready to build one of my biggest MOCs yet – the Castello Fortificato from BooneBuilds on Rebrickable. So, viewers who were concerned watching me smash the Colosseum set can breathe easy, the pieces are going to a good cause and I’m already working on a new Colosseum set.

We’ll also be continuing to work away on the BRICKSIE wall and getting organized to make a dent in my massive backlog of sets to build. Lots to do!

I’m gonna be down here forever.

Stay tuned this week for the Blacksmith build, a new Cemetery MOC that I’ve been keeping quiet about, and much more!

As always, thanks for tuning into the channel!

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