My TOP 10 LEGO sets of 2020

Hey everybody! Been a while since we had a regular blog series going. Hoping you all enjoy the read, and if you do we’ll make them a regular thing!

2020 was one heck of a year on all fronts, and LEGO was no exception. Some incredible sets came out across all LEGO brands and themes. Let’s take a look back at some of my absolute favourites from the past year!

(This was a difficult list to make, and these sets are in no particular order. It would break my heart to choose!)

Diagon Alley™ Set #75978

Me and Mrs. Bricksie love us some Harry Potter, so snagging this set was a no-brainer. It’s incredibly detailed, with individual cutaway buildings for Ollivanders™ Wand Shop, Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlor, Scribbulus™ Writing Implements, Flourish & Blotts™ and Quality Quidditch™ Supplies.

Diagon Alley Full Set
Look at all those figs!

Kids will dig this set for the play possibilities, including choosing your first wand (or letting it choose you!) while those with LEGO cities such as myself can appreciate the versatility of the set, as it can be integrated into modular buildings or be built as its own enclosed alley. Not to mention the exclusive minifigures!

Gilderoy Lockhart, Florean Fortescue, Lucius Malfoy and the Daily Prophet photographer.
Gilderoy Lockhart, Florean Fortescue, Lucius Malfoy and the Daily Prophet photographer. (From

Check out my full review here:

Nintendo Entertainment System™ Set #71374

Its-a me, BRICKSIE!
This set blew my mind when it was announced and I think its a huge indicator of the kind of creative design elements we can expect from LEGO in the years to come.

I can hear that old CRT screen sizzle.

Coming with the NES console, controller, the original Super Mario Bros. cartridge & and old school TV set, its one heck of a recreation. But that’s not what boggles Bricksie’s mind. The crank on the side of the set pulling our 8-bit hero through a brick conveyor belt depiction of World 1-1 will integrate with the LEGO Mario figure (sold separately) to produce music & sounds for what’s on the screen. WHAT?! Imagine telling someone about this feature 10 years ago!

My full review:

Technic Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 Set #42115

The detail here is absolutely unreal! Movable gearshift! 8-speed transmission! Moving steering and working V12 engine pistons! Scissor doors! *DROOL*

LEGO Lambo Sian
It’s hard not to cry, it’s so beautiful.

Almost 4000 pieces make up this lime green speed demon. That said, Technic cars can be a bit of a love-hate thing for me. For all the detail LEGO has achieved, problems will turn up with the sheer intricacy of all these moving parts. More on that here:

CREATOR 3-in-1 Pirate Ship Set #31109

This set is a little less expensive than some of the others on this list and has some really unique play options, making it especially cool for the youngins’.

LEGO Pirate Ship
Yo ho ho!

The ship itself is pretty awesome, but the fact that it can be rebuilt into TWO alternate designs is incredibly cool and makes this one of the most versatile sets we’ve seen in years.

LEGO Pirates Inn
I wonder if my Air Miles work here…

Alternate build number one is the Pirate’s Inn, a really nice balance of simplicity with world-immersing details.

Skull Island
BONE-CHILLING! Haha get it?

The second alternate build is the spooky Skull Island! Between these three sets, you could technically play out a full swashbuckling pirate adventure, from the beginning of the journey to setting sail to arrival at the mysterious location marked on your treasure map.
OR, and hear me out, you can fill up your bathtub and see if this sucker floats for real:

CREATOR Ghostbusters™ ECTO-1 #10274

I ain’t afraid of no ghosts…anymore!

You can hear the siren, can’t ya?

I loved the original Ecto-1 set, but the LEGO totally upped his game with the new Creator set and I was psyched to pick this bad boy up. It’s nice to be able to pass the time while we wait for the new movie with a set as detailed as this, with 2352 pieces depicting the legendary car, including moving ghost tracking antenna, a flip-out gunner seat, and a mini remote trap vehicle.

It comes with a set of rust stickers, but I left them off so I can pretend it’s 1984. Full review here:

1989 Batwing Set #76161

Joker wreaking havoc on Gotham? No problem!

LEGO Batwing
I am the night.

LEGO set a high bar with the ’89 Batmobile from last year, but the new 89 Batwing set checks off all the boxes. It comes with posable flaps, an opening canopy, an angled display stand and brackets to mount your Batwing…which I did! The two exclusive minifigures are also a huge plus.

Full review:

Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Buildable Characters

Set #43179

Perfect for the Disney fan in all of us.

Mickey & Minnie
Couples goals.

Clocking in at 1739 pieces, the Mickey & Minnie set comes with Mickey’s soapbox guitar, an old fashioned camera and tripod, and a photo album to capture some memories. The film cell bases can interconnect too!

My full review here:

CREATOR Colosseum Set #10276


LEGO Colosseum
It’s like I’m really in Rome!

By piece count, this sucker is the biggest official LEGO set of ALL TIME. 9036 pieces collide to recreate a bygone era, complete with the ampitheatre, outer walls, and even little olive trees dotting the ruins.
I also dig the tiny Fiat easter egg they managed to sneak in!

Full review:

Mos Eisley Cantina™ Set #75290

 You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Happy hour is when you don’t get an arm lopped off.

Another remarkably versatile set. Recreate classic scenes, enclose the set for a Tatooine MOC, the possibilities are endless. But the real value here is the 21 minifigures, including seven EXCLUSIVE to this set!

Lego Minifigures

The Landspeeder is entirely new too. Check out my review:

LEGO Helmets (All of ’em!)

An entirely new line of LEGO sets, LEGO helmets are fairly cost effective and make incredible display pieces.

So far LEGO has concentrated mostly on Star Wars, with the addition of a lone Iron Man build. This series could go in a bunch of different directions and I’m pumped to see it grow in 2021 and beyond.

My review (so far):

Did I miss anything that made your list? Let me know in the comments! Plus, remember to subscribe to my channel as we enter a whole new world of LEGO possibilities in 2021!


3 thoughts on “My TOP 10 LEGO sets of 2020

  1. I recently subscribed to your youtube channel, and I really enjoy watching you. I know you have been looking for road plates. I found a website that I ordered the charge train set and they have straight with intersection plates. The website is it’s listed on as “city road plates” for $ 11.99. I think it’s affiliated with Lego it’s also from Billund, Denmark. Keep up the builds.
    William Quinn

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Update. Don’t order from that website, I recently got ripped off $65.00 for a Lego train set, I never got my order nor a refund, website refuses to respond.


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