Become a Bricksie Member!

Since joining YouTube wayyyyy back in 2015, I’ve continued to be blown away by the support, positivity & passion of YT’s LEGO community.

As a result, I’ve continued to try to find ways to promote and build on the community so that more LEGO fans can enjoy it for years to come.

That support has come in many forms, including the Bricksie Discord server, Patreon, regular live streams of what I’m building, all my social channels and more. I try to give back as good as I get, and I am super grateful for the friends and fans that have found a home in Brickmonton.

Some long-time members immortalized in brick!

All of these channels have come together into the Bricksie Membership, which I am super excited about.

For $2.99 a month gain access to all of the following perks:

  • Get a badge icon beside your username that evolves over time!
  • Use custom emoji’s when interacting on the BRICKSIE YouTube channel!
  • Automatically be entered into regular LEGO giveaways. Recent giveaways included 10 LEGO gift cards valued at $30 USD each!
  • Full access to the BRICKSIE Discord Server!
  • Chat with hundreds of experienced LEGO fans from all over the world!
  • After three months you will be given a name brick that will be incorporated into the BRICKSIE pillar (above)!
  • Hop in weekly members-only live streams where we voice chat and can meet face to face. This allows a much more personalized interaction!
  • Participate in polls and determine what we build during live streams!

Every membership helps the channel grow and become more diverse, giving me the ability to do more events and stream even crazier builds.

I can’t wait to see what me and my members get up to next! Here’s a link to join!

Find me all over:

Amazon (COM):
Amazon (CA):
Beyond Bricksie (Second Channel):


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