Adding Details to my LEGO Fantasy Area

Watch this sped up video of me doing some of the landscaping in my LEGO fantasy area. This is defiantly a decent start. I added a path connecting a few sets, some bushes and some mini figures. I have plans for many more improvements and will make them as more parts arrive.

The fantasy area in my massive LEGO city is comprised of some awesome sets such as the Kings Mountain Fortress, Kings Castle, Lord of the Rings Orthanc Tower, Scooby Doo Mystery Mansion, Ninjago Temple of Airjitzu, Batman Arkham Asylum, and the Star Wars Ewok Village. It is also loaded with LEGO mini figures from some classic sets.

Please note that this is one of my very first YOUTUBE videos and I plan on doing many more in the near future. I will be doing videos on my LEGO city, reviews on sets, custom builds, sped up builds, and much more. Why? Because I love LEGO and want to share LEGO experiences with Master Builders around the world!



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